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Paramount Pictures Studio Backlot Los Angeles

Paramount Pictures Studio Backlot

Paramount Special Events is one of the top event production companies in Los Angeles, offering five-star service in creating and producing your memorable special event, on or off the prestigious Paramount studio lot. What better venue than one of our ten Hollywood backlot locations to create a truly unique event and an unforgettable Hollywood experience?

The Studios at Paramount is more than just another pretty production lot. We also host more events than any other studio, including award shows, movie premieres, receptions, parties and corporate events. Our experienced event staff offers 5-star service in creating your event, utilizing many of the same resources used by blockbuster productions. We can even provide any staging, rentals or entertainment bookings you could want. Almost any location on our lot is available for your special event, including our New York Street set and the B-Tank (with or without water). Plus, our various plush theaters are an A-list way to impress friends, family or business associates with your own personal movie or presentation. When you team up with us, well turn your special event into a momentous occasion.

Event Hosting and Planning
Experienced Staff of Event Producers and Coordinators
10 Event Locations with Custom Design
Theaters, Dining Rooms, Stages and Scenic Outdoor Locations Available
World-renowned Catering and Chefs
The #1 Studio for Hosting Special Events

Your stars need a location to shine their brightest, and at The Studios at Paramount, we can accommodate almost anything you can dream up. Our huge 65-acre lot contains not only some of the biggest stages available, but also numerous lot locations to let you create a scene in almost any part of the world. When its all said and done, weve got the perfect spot for you to make the next memorable movie or TV show.

Digital Stages
30 Stages Meet Every Production Need
12 Stages Over 15,000 sq. ft.
Wireless Networking and Internet Access Available on All Stages
10 Audience Rated Stages
8 Stages with Pits
16 Stages Over 35 Tall
Ample Mill Space
Secure Set Dec/Prop Storage
Wardrobe Cages

Lot Locations
NY Street/Backlot
Stylish Theaters
Scenic Parks
Numerous Architectural Structures and Facades
Variety of Shops

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