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Park Plaza Hotel Los Angeles

The Park Plaza Hotel has become known as the idyllic hospitality experience in glamorous Los Angeles. One of the top choices for Hollywood’s most elite A-listers, the hotel has also been featured in various feature films (such as The Prestige and Hook), T.V. series and even television commercials. The Park Plaza was constructed by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks in 1925 as an additional building, lodge number 99. Well known art deco designer and architect Claud Beelman built the soon to be hotel in a style that reflected the neo-Gothic trend that was particularly popular in that period.

The Olympic-size pool hosted various indoor swimming events during the 1932 Summer Olympics held in L.A. Eventually, the Elks were required to sell the building after a dip in membership, paving the way for the hotel’s modern function as a luxury hotel. The location of the Park Plaza on the edge of MacArthur Park already situated it to in a sought-after area of town.The City Government of Los Angeles later decided that the building’s architecture and status made it the perfect candidate to be declare a Historic-Cultural Monument (No. 267) by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. The status saved this building, as many other were not, from being demolished and replaced with modern high rises. And so, although other highly important spots had not been so lucky, the elegant entrance and ballroom still stand as the would have almost 100 years ago, upholding its jazz-era splendor through the ages.

In the modern age, the Park Plaza Hotel has served as a luxurious and age-old venue for some of the city’s biggest and most exclusive parties. Whether to celebrate New Years, Halloween, or as the setting for a timelessly classic wedding or a feature film destined for the Academy Awards or Oscars, this historic venue offers an incredible backdrop that will neither disappoint nor be forgotten.

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