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Welcome to Pasha, the only non-judgmental hot spot on the Washington DC area. Pasha is a spectacular Venue /lounge /nightclub /special events center. The club offers a sophisticated and unsurpassed fashion forward cosmopolitan design. The basic design, including our technology systems, allows for diverse implementations. Alterations in design and formation are readily available. Simply stated Pasha can cater to the many dissimilar demands placed upon it by a wide range of events and individual interests. * 2 unique environments. * 2 full service bars. * VIP / private attended entrance. * State of the Art DJ booth. * Intelligent lighting design. * Kryogenifex liquid nitrogen system. * Full-service kitchen and on-site catering with custom menus. * Professional event planners. The main arena: features a one of kind dance floor, with a full service bar. You’ll be grooving to state-of-the-art sound and video systems with the areas most popular DJs live events and private functions. Pasha is also proud to present the Kryogenifex atmospheric systems which covers the room in a soft layer of fog that instantly drops the entire room temperature as much as 20 degrees. The VIP lounge: if you take the private staircase up you will find an incredible atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Patrons can witness the energy and entertainment of the club below, through an amazing thick glass area, or an opening balcony over the dance floor.

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