United States: 323.604.6030

Patty Boom Boom Washington DC

Patty Boom Boom opened on January 1st 2010. We are a Jamaican influenced dance-hall and patty carry out. Our venue is dedicated as a tribute to the musical foundation of Jamaica, and its cultural influence through food, song, and dance. Patty Boom Boom has one of the most finely tuned sound systems in DC. Our 17 speaker system allows us to capture the essence of reggae riddims and bass. The venue has two levels. The lower level houses our patty carry-out and rum bar. Here you will find a fantastic assortment of patties, from Spicy Beef to our famous Guava Goat patty. The upper level is where we really warm it up. There is a selection of specialty beverages highlighting our rum collection. We are most well known for our guava nectar rum punch. Patty Boom Boom is truly a one of a kind DC experience. But don’t take our word for it…come let the bass an dub speak for itself.