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Pax Miami

PAX: Performing Arts Exchange is a progressive independent performing and cinema arts center in a sustainable format, with a local focus and a global reach. To encourage the diversity of cultural expression and empathy .Fostering cultural diversity through the ARTS in hopes of Human Progress in a culture of Peace.

For the intellectually-curious, free-thinking seeking, individual who appreciates original music, art, and creative progressive talks, we are a welcoming, genuine, authentic space for artistic expression and communications ,engaging in a wide range of innovative projects.

PAX recognizes that together we are greater than the sum of our parts, we have confidence the cultural arts and open talks have the ability to effect change, encouraging human empathy and a respect for our differences, with ethical consideration and a sustainable format …cause and effect.

Creating an enlightened space in which to promote the cultural arts and innovative talks in hopes to inspire open-minded creative thinking and social progress with a welcoming attitude towards community driven cultural arts projects.

Come in and experience world music, art, theater, film and talks.

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