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Pearl Tucson


Upscale Restaurant & Nightclub.

The Keys reigns Tucson’s nightlife. High-energy music, exotic food and drinks, a piano bar (Two different bands on Friday & Saturday in the piano bar give guests another option to the pulsating rhythm of the dance club),and The VIP Lounge, thunderous MACH sound system, mesmerizing MARTIN light show, and beautiful, upscale, 21+ clientele, Pumping up the energy, dance to the beat of techno and Top 40 music at Club Miami. The Keys is the place to be.

From hosting fashion shows, record release parties, music conferences, movie premier parties, fund raisers (everyone from American Ambassadors to The Muscular Dystrophy Association), and company parties. The Keys has proven, that it can outlast the competition, and have fun while doing it.