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Pearl Drops Teahouse Vancouver

We are a contemporary Asian teahouse providing modern twists on an ancient beverage. Our commitment is to allowing our patrons to enjoy tea in many different ways. Our decor is aimed to be warm, inviting, relaxing, and fun. Come visit this one-of-a-kind teahouse to quench your thirst, feed your palate, and fill your curiosity!
Our history started with tea. The many aromas and subtleties of tea provide our template. We provide the proper tea-steeping techniques, fresh seasonal ingredients, and a little creativity. To date, we have produced a vast array of delicious tea beverages, foods, and desserts. Our beverage menu is quite extensive. However, given the number of loose-leaf teas, fresh spices, and fresh ingredients we have on hand, can you blame us? We make “bubble teas”, but not just the artificial powders mixed with water and sugar. We have re-invented these beverages and given priority to using fresh teas, fresh fruits, actual dairy, and a lot less sugar. We are the only teahouse offering fresh-steeped organic pearl milk tea (amongst a vast array of tea lattes) and “jelly drops” (in-house fruit jellies made from fresh fruit ingredients and no preservatives). Our freshly grinded house chai mix is simply breath-taking. The foods and desserts offered also come with just as much quailty and passion. Have you ever tried chicken in fresh curry paste and coconut milk? Or how about tea-marianted pork on rice? Maybe you could warm up to a bowl of noodles in our house-recipe chicken soup. Whatever your choice, we invite you to enjoy our unique contemporary Asian teahouse.

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