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Pearl RestaurantLounge Providence

The room is sophisticated, elegant, yet playfully splashy. The lighting — blue
filters trained on the beaded curtains when change as the night progresses so the room
doesn’t always look the same.
There are more dramatic touches in the large octagonal lounge and an intimate bar hidden around the
corner, all very blue and white and cool and trendy. But then go up a couple of very narrow steps and —
what’s this! — suddenly you’ve left South Beach and have been transported to Hong Kong.
Black tile walls. Huge Chinese fans. A pair of elaborately carved golden dogs flanking either side of a
bar. Behind the bar — no, not more beads or bubbles, but an accordion-pleated panel that looks like a
Chinese screen.
A teardrop chandelier in the center of the room hangs over a parquet table that stands on its very own
Oriental rug. Tiny cocktail tables hug the walls under a low tin ceiling. It’s a cozy jewel box of a room
that is breathtakingly lovely.
Then theres the V.I.P room filled with vibrant colors and lasers dancing to the beat of the pounding techno music all come together creating an upscale atmosphere at it’s finest