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Peel Pub Montreal


Peel Pub

The original Montreal watering hole is definitely the Peel Pub.

You won’t find any other place where you can get a glass of beer and a meal for under ten dollars Canadian. Their most popular meals are hamburgers, club sandwiches, fries and wings. They also have reasonably priced stead dinners. Ordering a cheeseburger and fries, it was soon apparently that this was one of the best I’ve ever had. Another plus is that the pitchers of draft beer are incredibly cheap.

Peel Pub has a great atmosphere; the big screen TV’s mounted on all the walls illuminate the bar. There are sports banners, sports pictures, and beer promotions hanging up all over. You can sit down at any one of the tables and have a waitress to serve drinks. The waitresses are helpful and nice and on my visit, full of energy and on top of things.

The Peel Pub is a good place to go during the day to relax, talk with friends, and watch one of your favorite sporting events. But watch out for when the evening comes around because The Peel Pub is known to become crowded and considerably rowdy. Only a few inches separate one table from another, and you are pretty much stuck in your seat once the place gets full. With everyone packed so closely, it is sure to be an eventful night. Especially on nights of big sporting events, The Peel Pub is the bar many look to go to. Make sure to get there early because once night-time comes, the line is far out the door.

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