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Pegasus Pittsburgh


When young gay and lesbian tourists arrive in Pittsburgh, they usually make a B-line for the Pegasus Lounge, the premiere nightclub for swingin’ twentysomethings on the prowl. While New York New York has class and composure, Pegasus is typically jammed with bumping-and-grinding young men, either decked out in their finest club-gear or shirtless and shotgunning. This is where drag queens, transgenders, bisexual and the simply curious (and straight club-goers; Pegasus is all-inclusive) co-mingle over mixed drinks and elegantly lit bars. Overhanging TV sets display sweaty-and-passionate videos while the masses of dancers find their groove on the lounge’s multi-tiered dance floor (electronica rules supreme, although hip-hop, R&B and energetic classic remixes are regularly woven into Pegasus’ impressive musical repertoire; catering to the younger set, this is truly a post-Village People setting). While long-term couples might find it overwhelming, Pegasus is Pittsburgh’s main locale for tracking down digits and future coffee shop dates. Underage (18+) nights on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.