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A toy-hotel decorated with taste and no compromises, playing around different styles, recycled furniture and objects in an exquisite design and contemporary flair. At the Pelican, you see dining sets from the 40’s, refrigerator’s from the 30’s, sideboards stolen from a “whorehouse," or schools and churches for a paramount visual result, emphasizing the trends of the underground culture, movies (John Waters, Pedro Almodovar) and Disney cartoons. We will not disclose the gags, the bizarre details you will personally find when you will stay at Pelican.

Within hundreds of great reviews, recently (September 2010) the Pelican has been featured in the Today Show with Al Rocker on NBC as one of the most unique hotel in the world.

The American magazine Dwell has named the Pelican Hotel as one of the 16 hipster hotel in USA.

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