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Perimteer Institute Kitchener


Perimeter Institute is a basic research centre dedicated to exploring
the world around us at its most fundamental level. Founded in
1999, the Institute is a progressive example of an innovative
private-public partnership between dynamic philanthropists and
the Governments of Ontario and Canada.
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics was formally announced
on October 23, 2000, and began research operations in a temporary
facility. In October 2004, the Institute moved into its permanent
facility, designed by Saucier + Perrotte Architectes, on a premier
site in Uptown Waterloo. The award-winning research complex
sustains resident scientists and hundreds of international visitors
each year with a variety of creative blackboard-lined spaces in
which to contemplate and calculate new mind-bending ideas about
the ultimate nature of space, time and matter. Driven by curiosity,
these leading researchers use imagination and mathematics to
push the limits of our current understanding of physical laws.
In establishing Perimeter
Institute, the founders were
not only motivated to create
a research centre of the
highest international standing,
but they were also determined
to affect the prevailing
culture, demonstrably sending
a powerful message to the
general public of the
overwhelming importance of
scientific inquiry. As a result, a comprehensive program of
educational outreach activities stretches across Canada by way of
a popular public events series, special workshops for teachers,
in-class presentations delivered coast to coast, the International
Summer Institute for high school students and a good deal more.
Complementing the twin mandates of top quality research and
educational outreach is an integral mix of musical programs and
cultural events. Perimeter Institute aims to be an attractive
and dynamic facility in the broadest possible sense –– a stimulating
setting for leading-edge scientists to think as well as an accessible
and engaging environment for the community at large.