Phoenix Concert Theatre

Phoenix Concert Theatre

The Phoenix Concert Theatre is 18,000 square feet of eclectic grandeur encompassing three distinct party environments.

The Main Room features on of the city's largest dance floors, leading edge sound and light, five bars (including a 50 foot marble bar), 20x30 foot stage (and full concert facilities), a giant projection screen, and one of the largest mirror balls in Canada.

"Le Loft," which over looks the main room, features an overhanging balcony which stretches the entire width of the club, lounge seating for over 100, its own separate bar, custom artwork, and two television screens. The Parlour, reachable from the main room and the front entrance, features a separate sound system, a separate dance floor and lighting system, a decorative bar, lounge seating and four pool tables.

With an incredible venue like the Phoenix, you're in for one of the best nights in the city. Bringing Toronto the hottest music and entertainment for years, Phoenix Concert theater is home to the hottest music and the liveliest crowds in Toronto. Whether you're out to dance to your favourite rock super star or getting down with the local talent, Phoenix is where you want to be to party, meet people, and enjoy amazing music.

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