Pink Elephant

An opulent oasis fashioned after the festive party paradises of St. Tropez and Rio De Janeiro. Pink Elephant offers a plush, intimate haven in which to enjoy a high energy atmosphere, luxurious service and some of the world’s most popular house music DJ’s. Taking its name from a prohibition-era figure of speech that refers to a state of inebriation so intense that one literally saw pink elephants. This appropriation also intimates the venue as a modern speakeasy resplendent with bacchanalian delights.

Lavish décor and technological wonders provide guests with the ultimate VIP nightlife experience. Playful yet elegant, the new venue’s deep red hue, curvaceous interiors and ambient lighting seduce patrons into an amorous cocoon. A curving 30-foot floating bar appointed with glass tiles and a leather armrest hovers above the amphitheatred main room treating patrons to a panoramic view of the club whilst imbibing in exotic cocktails.

A state-of-the-art “intelligent sound system” installed by NASA engineer Steve Dash, of integral sound, filters music as it emanates from the dance floor, creating four different audio zones. A special effect booth controls wind machines placed throughout the club as well as the release of fragrant scents such as citrus and cotton candy.

For the first time in New York, a high end clientele will be able to enjoy the world’s finest house music in an intimate equally breathtaking environment.

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