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Piranha Las Vegas

Piranha Las Vegas

There are two ways into Piranha: via the gorgeous patio, itself a spectacle with multiple fireplaces, a glowing, fire-topped waterfall and intricate stone details, or via the 180-degree piranha aquarium that connects the lounge and the nightclub. Yes, you enter Piranha with piranhas swimming overhead. From there, you know you’re in for something special. ,p>

The entrance opens onto a concrete dance floor flanked by a full-service bar and cushy seating. VIP tables on the main floor are separated by beaded curtains. The entire room is cool blues and grays with warm accents, including luminescent red columns. A dazzling lighting system is capable of countless effects, and the sound system can be felt throbbing through the floor and seating.

Beneath a stunning, crystal-adorned chandelier, a winding staircase with ornamental iron balusters leads guests to the second-floor VIP section. Three bottle service-only booths overlook both the dance floor and, via a west-facing window, Las Vegas itself. In the corner, another full-service bar awaits patrons.

Across the venue, a walk down a dark hallway lit by only faux-candlelight — and accented by eerie portraits that morph into macabre scenes — leads to the icing on this nightlife cake: three semi-private skyboxes that overlook the dance floor. These are distinctive, lushly-appointed suites with such details as button-cushioned walls, coffeemakers, velvety settees, richly-decorated curtains and LCD screens. Heavy, sliding wood doors can be drawn for near-complete privacy.

Aside from thumping house music spun by top DJs, both venues also feature live entertainment, regular theme nights, and killer drink specials. No matter what your persuasion, you can’t miss with Piranha — two hot clubs in one convenient location. vegas.com

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