United States: 702-944-9934

Piranha Las Vegas

Gargoyles peer from a liquid sky above as live ferocious fish stalk a packed dance floor below at Piranha Nightclub, the hottest new addition to Las Vegas Gay Scene nightlife. Get rid of the dance club doldrums and venture into Piranha Nightclub, a mystical multi-level chamber of devils of the deep, haunting illusions, and raw southern decadence. Las Vegas’ hottest club mix and incredible laser display from an eerie cloud awaken the spirits, releasing inhibitions and animal energy on a gigantic dance floor with house, techno, hip hop, Latin, and more. It’s raucous self-indulgence seven nights a week. With pumping music, pulsating light shows, the best DJs from around the world all bringing the party you know that Piranha is the best place celebrating life, dance, and be who you are!

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