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Consider a structure designed to sooth the senses with beautiful sweeping lines, vibrant splashes of color, striking and warm at the same time. A place that invites you to let down your guard, lose your inhibitions and indulge yourself in your surroundings – the music, the people, the libation, the atmosphere. A place where nothing is off-limits, where virtually everything is allowed, where “NO” is rarely, if ever, heard. A sandbox created from wood, metal, stone, sight and sound. You have just entered PLAY.

PLAY is the structure conceived after many years of traveling the country and the world looking for the true adult PLAYground. From Las Vegas to Los Angeles, from New York to Miami, from Chicago to….Lincoln, Nebraska! From Costa Rica to Brazil, from London to Florence, from Prague to Ibiza, PLAY is 3000 luxurious square feet designed to cater to the emerging professionals living, working and PLAYing in the capital of the free world. It is the result of a realization by its owners, Michael Kosmides, Sherif Abdalla and Tony Hudgins, that a night in a bar is about more than just having a drink. Instead, regardless of what night you come to PLAY, you will have met someone you will never forget, seen something you cannot forget, and been a part of something that you will never regret. To that end, PLAY continues the great tradition and adventure started by many others in the city who came before us to introduce this wonderful city to incredible night life. But now we seek to elevate to it – exponentially.

It is the culmination of timing and events that we are pleased to be able to bring to DC what Washingtonians have been searching for years to find, a PLAYground for its newly emerging and ever growing professional elite, celebs from around the world, and quite simply the sexiest and most beautiful people of all backgrounds, races, colors, creeds, religions and proclivities. A place where smiles are inviting, laughter is encouraged, bed-room eyes are expected and getting fresh is required!

When you walk in the door PLAY is the mood, PLAY is the mandate. PLAY is not the place to be seen, it is the place to be a part of the scene. So come PLAY with us as you partake in all of your dirty little habits, check your sensibility at the door, and create something memorable…..at least until the next night.

See you there!

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Come out and PLAY (1/31/2008) @ Play Lounge
Play Lounge, Washington DC