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Located in the Palms' new Fantasy Tower, hidden between Nove Italiano restaurant and Moon nightclub, The Playboy Club introduces a complete integration of lounging and gaming which has never before been attempted in Las Vegas. Located on the 52nd floor, the club features floor to ceiling windows and a rich, dark, leather decor, complete with Baccarat crystal chandeliers, giving it that vintage Vegas vibe.As you enter onto the Playboy floor, you will immediately be immersed into all of the vast elegance and exotic glamour that the Playboy brand is known for. While the bunny theme is hard to miss, this club is more than a lavishly decorated tribute to the famous gentlemen's clubs that preceded it. Don't let yourself pass through the Playboy Club without taking a moment to observe the Uniquely textured walls, black marble accents, artistically framed flat-screened televisions and of course, the deliciously sexy playboy bunnies. The design details capture the lifestyle of Hef himself and the entire theme is presented in an elegant, understated manner, taking the nostalgic era of the Playboy Club and updating it for 21st century Las Vegas.
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