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Playhouse Nightclub, the chic and sophisticated Hollywood hotspot, is aptly named as a stylish party getaway inside the city. The sumptuous venue - an old converted theater - can be dressed up to fit any event, be it large or small, creating the perfect environment for an amazing night out amongst friends. The DJs are LA music people after all, and know exactly how to mix the best music so that the whole club pulses with energy till the wee hours. Every night is a party night at Playhouse. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are known for being the most hoppin’, although Monday nights offer a great Electronica music set for the party people that can’t let the weekend be over quite yet. Events are focused around the incredible DJs that take center stage, playing deliriously long sets from 10pm - 4am in the morning. Check out the big names that include Big Ben, Bee Fowl, Justin Credible, DJ Melod, DJ Mos and DJ Sow Milk. Special parties sometimes take over the night, especially around holidays, like the X-mas eve themed White Christmas on the 24th or the massive New Years Eve celebration boasting a premium open bar and a champagne toast at midnight. Playhouse Nightclub also supports the more environmentally and safety conscience party animals too! If you take public transportation to the club instead of driving (can’t have drunk or even tipsy drivers on the road!) Playhouse rewards your efforts with a 50% discount on the cover fee. Playhouse is Hollywood in all its glory. Go-go dancers groove alongside the DJ booth and an open dancing cage above the main bar supports more sexy dancers. The vibe is always right, the drinks are always flowing and it’’s not uncommon to spot a celebrity or VIP (Chris Brown is known for stopping in!) in a booth, or living it up on the dance floor. The only place you won’t see them is fighting for a drink is at the bar.