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PM Dallas


A Nightlife Lounge

PM is a nightlife establishment that offers an iconic evening out blending theatre, experience and excitement in downtown Dallas. Designed by Todd Fiscus and Rob Dailey, the club’s look melds metallic materials – such as gold, copper, and silver, along with luminescent crystals that are complimented by undertones of deep, blood red. The desired effect is a sensual space that is both erotic and interesting.

Along with art installations by Douglas Little of D.L & Co. fame, the decor serves to connect the energy theory of The Joule hotel with the metaphysical energy of precious metals. Evoking the feeling of being underground, PM takes the visual experience to the next level with Little’s exquisite installations of geode, pyrite and crystal; metallic fabrics; skins; and a glint of reflection in huge bronze mirrors adding balance and elegance to the space. The vibe of the bar is both artful and entertaining.

PM is unique – a combination of exquisite interior design, fine wines and champagnes, premium cocktails and salon bottle service, along with micro-dining plates by the acclaimed Charlie Palmer at The Joule.

PM is nightlife like no other.

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