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Polly Esthers Las Vegas


Four Rooms, Four Eras

Polly Esther’s, the wildly successful national nightclub chain, has brought its trademark disco balls, DeLoreans and Doc Martens to the Stratosphere Hotel Casino. The sprawling, 1,300-capacity Polly Esther’s comprises four unique clubs—Culture Club, Nerve Ana, Suite 2000 and its namesake—each celebrating the best of the past 40 years of pop culture.

Polly Esther’s itself salutes the funky ’70s, Culture Club brings back the ’80s, Nerve Ana hails all that was great about the ’90s, and ultralounge Suite 2000 brings it home with current club music. On top of playing the best music of each era, club-goers are immersed in the signs, symbols and icons of the decades.

Covering 26,000 square feet—one of Vegas’ largest nightclubs—Polly Esther’s features cutting-edge sound and lighting, multiple bars and dance floors, and even a risqué interactive experience, “Birdy’s Bachelorette Party,” produced by the creative minds behind smash-hit “Tina n’ Tony’s Wedding.”

Inside the Polly Esther’s room, look for a “Saturday Night Fever” dance floor where people boogie beneath the gaze of giant statues of John Travolta and Rocky Balboa. Nearby is a giant TV showing the iconic “Brady Bunch” collage with guests able to insert themselves in Alice’s space for fun photo ops.

The weird science of the Culture Club features a “Back to the Future” DeLorean suspended from the ceiling, a “Purple Rain” dance floor and a giant, working Pac Man game.

Grab a drink and have a seat in O.J. Simpson’s infamous white Bronco, complete with slow-in-pursuit police cars, in Nerve Ana.

And if your tastes skew more modern, kick back in Suite 2000, an upscale ultralounge where the best of hip-hop, house and top 40 play and you can enjoy the high level of bottle service Las Vegas is world-famous for.

Everywhere in the club, partiers will be welcomed by staff regardless of whether they have bought a table or just a beer. With a relaxed dress code but professional treatment, everyone leaves with smiles on their faces.

Polly Esther’s is open Wednesday through Sunday nights. For more information or table reservations, visit www.pollyestherslv.com or call 702.889.1980.

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