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Polly Esther’s Rockville Maryland Washington DC


Launched in 1991, today there are more than 18 company-owned Polly Esther””s from coast to coast. The club’s spectacular success has ignited a whole new wave of passion for the past—one that continues to be fueled by growing numbers of nostalgia-crazed adults and the media. Fans of disco music and the 1970s continue to turn out in droves to celebrate the decade of Tony Manero, “Charlie’s Angels,” pet rocks and mood rings. With Saturday Night Fever and Twister dance floors, a full-size replica of the “Partridge Family” bus, a drink menu that includes libations like Brady Punch, Polly Esther’s is the first choice of club goers looking for a great time, filmmakers looking for an authentic set, and celebrities looking to let their hair down. Like all of The Dance Plex’s properties, Polly Esther’s is open only three nights a week—Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with other nights open for private parties and special events. This unique business model has contributed greatly to the club’s outstanding financial performance, and its ability to continue generating crowds without burning out.Happy Hour Wednesdays-Friday$1.25 Appetizers & 1/2 Price Drinks!!Wednesday:Live MusicThursday:$2 Drinks for GirlsFriday:Ladies Night with 1/2 off cover & $1 Drinks ””til midnight!!!Saturday:Mega Dance Party!!!