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The front room bar sets the initial tone with neon and aluminum, plasma TV’s, animal print sofas and bartenders who dance on the bar on Friday and Saturday nights. More sexy couches in the mid room area with splashes of old New Orleans in the form of a textured molded ceiling, a marble mantled faux fireplace with a huge auburn chandelier. The back room is a black light room with fluorescent reflective pool tables, grand columns and arches with a black and white marbled parquet floor supporting matching faux leather booths with Plexiglas tops. The PopBar Martini Menu contains a whopping 45 martinis thus far. Flavors include White Chocolate Mocha, German Chocolate Cake with a toasted coconut rim, Key Lime with a graham cracker rim with classic and fruity martinis included. Be sure to ask for your PopBar Martini Punch Card!! Awesome char broiled burgers served all day and night along with the pizza slices and eclectic choices of appetizers such as coconut lobster sticks, duck spring rolls and killer onions rings.