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Port Orient Sydney


Port Orient (formerly Ocean Emperor) is fast becoming one of Sydney’s most popular party venues, offering excellent Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices combined with Karaoke, Salsa Evenings and live entertainment. Here you can enjoy good food, have fun, dance the night away and not break the bank.
Conveniently located at Darling Harbour with stunning views of the city skyline, here you can enjoy a combination of Chinese cuisine and a range of top enter-tainment in the evenings.

The banquet menus on Friday and Saturday evening starts at $39.50. The banquet dinner offers an excellent choice of seven Chinese dishes which you can linger over during the evening.

Available from the Seafood Fish Tank – Live Lobster, Mud Crab, Live Prawn, Morwong, Oyster, Scallop, Pippies & Parrot Fish

A wrap around balcony with comfortable lounge chairs is a great spot to enjoy a drink whilst taking in the views of the city.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, from 9.00pm the karaoke starts – where else in Sydney would you see stressed financial workers on stage with their colleagues emulating The Righteous Brothers, Elton John, Celine Dion or The Spice Girls. You will be splitting your sides with laughter, just what you need after a busy week. The Limbo rock competition is another hilarious event – with a bottle of champagne for the more flexible diners. Join in the Macarena, Chicka Dance and Zorba, it is a lot of fun.

Following the karaoke, Port Orient brings on one of the best D.J’s in town who will keep you on your feet until late in the evening – or the early morning.

For one of the best Hens Nights out, Port Orient puts on a special show for the girls with no extra charges.

Port Orient is the ideal venue for all occasions. The restaurant has 2 private dining rooms, seating 12 – 24 guests. Specially designed banquets to match, karaoke system in each room. You will need not venture any further for a great night out.

Feel like a quick trip to Latin America. To add to the enjoyment of the evening, Port Orient runs salsa dancing lessons. Get your hips moving and take it seriously or to impress your friends and colleagues with your Ricky Martin or Shakira impersonation.