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Posh Ultra Lounge, Garden City, LI New York


The Garden City Hotel is proud to introduce Long Island’s first Ultra Lounge…where club meets lounge…Posh features an array of sound and light with a relaxing atmosphere and the energy of a high tech dance club…

Under the direction of Brian Rosenberg, Posh takes color to a whole new level…For the true Ultra Lounge experience, reserve a table in the Posh Pit. Descend three feet into a world of waterfalls and velvet. You’ll feel like you’re wandering into a glistening jewel box, cozy yet electric. Sushi, caviar and Long Island’s finest wine and champagne list complete the VIP experience…. Posh is a modular ride into the future with cutting edge architecture….Club becomes theatre; state of the art projection takes a cinematic journey around the world, from Marilyn Monroe to the tidal waves of the South Pacific. Posh DJ’s and a silky European sound system that rains from the sky…

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