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Prego Ristoranti

Prego Ristoranti

Adding a splash of Mediterranean color to California, Prego's ambience blends the warmth and rustic charm of old-world Italy with the electricity and vibrancy of a cosmopolitan restaurant. Streamlined arches and columns, gleaming copper, polished hardwood floors and an abundance of Cherrywood furnishings produce an elegant, sophisticated, yet comfortable, atmosphere. Lively exhibition kitchens allow diners to view the artful chefs creating their delicious dishes. Our restaurants seat between 150 to 250 guests at linen covered tables with al fresco dining available at all locations.

All restaurants feature a full bar and offer banquet and catering services. The menu at Prego emphasizes regional Italian cuisine, featuring authentic pizza baked in a brick-fired oven, freshly made pastas, grilled fresh fish, spit-roasted meats and fowl, and an extensive list of wines from Italy and California that will please even the most discriminating wine connoisseur. Our homemade desserts and pastries make a perfect ending to an unforgettable dining experience. Prego has received fine-dining awards from the Restaurant Writers' Association and the Wine and Food Society of Southern California. It has been a culinary destination for over two decades. The original Prego opened in 1981. Our properties are located in Irvine, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Prego is open for lunch and dinner and offers a variety of seasonal and special events.

To place your reservation or for location specific information, please contact your nearest restaurant location. Prego (PRE-go), inter, (riposta a grazie), please; not at all! That's right ...don't mention it! You're welcome (Amer.) from prepare, v.t. 1. to pray, 2. to ask; to beg; to request. Prego is an idiomatic expression of polite acknowledgement to say to someone who thanks you ...don't mention it; ...to say to let someone go past you; ...to give up your seat to someone; ...when handing someone something; ...in short, when doing someone service with a smile.

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