United States: 312-878-0707

Privet Chicago


Privt is an exclusive, upscale nightclub at 937 North Rush Street. Inspired by old-world royal treatment and European traditions, Privt offers Chicago the best in service and experience. There is no guest list or email RSVP. Entry to Privt will rely on personal relationships and the networks of its top notch staff and management. Those afforded entry will be treated to concierge style service where every need is met. Car service, dinner reservations, hotel accommodations, nothing is too good for the customers of Privt. Each table is cared for by a 3-person team working in unison at all times to pour drinks, refresh glassware, or refill ice buckets for the very best bottle service experience. All this will be provided in an exquisite environment just below the hustle and bustle of Rush Street.

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