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Product Toronto

Product is the newest venue in Ink Entertainment’s lineup of hot nightclubs. It’s the perfect spot to go for an extraordinary night out in Toronto! The nightclub, built in 1936, was originally a factory. It has been transformed into one of the city’s most lavish nightclubs, featuring a unique Victorian vibe. The venue has an 8 foot high chandelier, an ornate fireplace, and awesome pieces of artwork that pay homage to New York City’s famous Pop Artists.

The bar is fully stocked to serve up all the drinks you desire throughout the evening. Enjoy music played through state of the art sound systems and complemented by LED lighting! Watch live DJs perform in a custom DJ booth constructed from reflective laminate tiles as you dance all night long!

As one of Toronto’s sexiest nightclubs, you can expect to be surrounded by the most attractive party people in the city decked out in the best style! Get down with your new friends on the club’s giant dance floor as you dance to the city’s best DJs! Product is the best choice for any sort of night out, from a small group of friends, to a date, to an extra special event!

Book your next event at Product and see why we are quickly becoming the most coveted party spot in Toronto!

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