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Prospect Park Bandshell New York

Designed in 1865 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Prospect Park was envisioned as the centerpiece of Brooklyn’s cultural institutions that included the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Public Library. The Bandshell was added to the Park in 1939 to serve as a site for live outdoor entertainment.

Celebrate Brooklyn! and the “New Prospect Park” (as it was then called), was founded in 1979, to reverse this trend by bringing people back to the Park via a series of exciting, accessible performances – many of which were held at night – a radical idea at the time. The first few seasons were filled with many of the Brooklyn’s world famous jazz performers and New York City’s emerging choreographers and presented on an expanded stage that featured some of the elements to be incorporated in the coming renovation of the Bandshell.

The entrance to the Prospect Park Bandshell is located at Prospect Park West & 9th Street in Park Slope. We’re easily accessible via the to 7th Avenue (front of Brooklyn-bound train).

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