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Queen Bees San Diego


Queen Bees

Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center is a multi-purpose venue centrally located in beautiful North Park San Diego. Queen Bee’s hosts everything from concerts to dance classes, art shows, open mic nights, special events, private parties and much much more. We feature the largest dance floor in the neighborhood (over 3,500 sq ft!), as well as one of the largest stages.

Our mission is to support local musicians & artists by opening up our space to a wide variety of concerts & events. We also donate 18% of our profits to helping homeless youth in San Diego through various charitable organizations.

Inside Queen Bee’s you will find many things going on at once. Our main room, with a capacity of 250, contains our main-stage, and a huge dance floor, as well as several walls for hanging artwork. The main room features a bamboo hardwood dance floor, custom ceiling fans, crystal chandaliers, multi-colored walls, comfortable padded chairs & couches, and more, in a warm, inviting environment. Queen Bee’s boasts a professional-grade concert sound system, capable of entertaining up to 300 guests at full volume. Our stage is large enough to hold a 15 piece band. Also, Queen Bee’s has a resident sound engineer on staff with over 20 years of experience to handle all the technical parts of any concert or production.

In addition to the main room, Queen Bee’s also has a 3D art gallery room that features the work of one of the resident artists at Queen Bee’s. This is the only 3-D Art Exhibit of it’s kind. To see photos of the Eyemax 3-D Art Gallery. In addition to an art gallery, this room also has another hardwood dance floor, as well as an espresso/snack bar. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a secondary sound system which is capable of either background music, or acoustic performances as well.

Queen Bee’s is located in historic building that originally contained the first Dixieline Lumber back in the 1930’s. We have tried to keep a majority of the building intact, while keeping a welcoming, semi-vinatage vibe. We have occupied this space since early 2009, and chances are every time you come in, you will notice something new. We are constantly striving to improve every aspect of the space to create a more intersting experience for everyone.

Queen Bee’s is primarily a family-oriented venue, and the only one of it’s kind in the neighborhood. We host two 21+ events per month, and work with local restaraunts & caterers when events require it. We often have events & classes in both the daytime and night-time 7 days a week.

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