Raven Ultra Lounge

Raven seeks to imitate the style of lounge frequented by Humphrey Bogart and Edgar Allen Poe in its Folsom street location. The bar serves up classic and modern drinks and cocktails, combined with a club atmosphere with DJ music and dancing.

The nightclub design by Michael Brennan seeks to create the atmosphere of a dark chill spot out of a film noir classic, one full of secrets. With dim lighting, old mirrors and deep colored booths, it comes close. The upper and lower levels combine to form a large and spacious venue with three bars, two DJ booths and two dance floors, providing plenty of room to do whatever you'd like. Never a moment without a drink in your hand or space to dance! For a special event, consider renting the whole bar for your private party of any size.

The club's extensive cocktail menu was created by a mixologist, basing many of the drinks off of Edgar Allen Poe's mystical and secretive demeanor.

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