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Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre Vancouver


Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre

Located in the busy Downtown Eastside neighbourhood at East Hastings Street and Raymur Avenue, Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 1979. Originally started as a food co-operative by the Raymur Housing Project in the early 1970s, the facility evolved into full community centre status with the assistance of two committed community associations. New immigrants, refugees from around the world and a multi-ethnic community of all ages are offered a wide range of recreation programs and activities enhanced by such services as preschool and daycare, youth room, family support programs, computer room, weight room, dark room and full-size gymnasium. This centre also boasts a diverse team of staff, volunteers and a strong working committee comprised of area residents. The centre recently received the addition of a second floor and other rooms boosting the facility’s space by another 5600 sq ft.

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