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Red Square Lounge Las Vegas

It’s not often that you see a bar in the United States openly displaying Russian artifacts. Call it left-over bad feelings from the Cold War, but it’s just not done…unless it’s at Red Square.

Nowhere else will you see a bar’s decor appear to embrace communism and socialism without actually doing so. This is Vegas after all. A city devoted to capitalism. The appeal of Red Square is that this is a vodka bar through and through and by utilizing a post-Russian Communist Revolution theme it becomes a wonder for the eyes and for the taste buds.

If you haven’t walked past Red Square, you are missing out. The giant headless statue of Russian patriarch Vladimir Lenin complete with faux bird droppings should scream to your inner explorer, “Hey, come check this thing out!”

Step inside and you are quickly whisked away from everything that is tropical Mandalay Bay to a downtrodden Russian estate showing signs of former grandeur with two chandeliers, carvings of Lenin above the bar and the most recognizable symbol of Russia: the red star, hammer and sickle. There are spots of exposed brick in the walls and columns mixed in with old Russian newspaper clippings that look like plaster. The chandelier located further back in the restaurant area is actually from the Russian embassy in Poland. The late Michael Jackson owned the matching one.

At the bar, though, is where the real action lies. For starters, parts of the bar are frozen over and display the vodka of the month. All vodka is served at 5 degrees. Red Square also infuses vodka with a variety of fruit flavors right at the bar, but to really enjoy the vodka you should drink it straight. As Dan Shrum, the general manager at Red Square puts it, “We’re not real big on mixers.” Enough said.

Behind the bar is a liquor selection so expansive that some bottles require a ladder to reach. Here you can get more than just vodka. There is a wide selection of wines and champagnes and of course bar staples like Jack Daniels and Patron.

If you buy a bottle of vodka or join Red Square’s elite membership group (yes, you can become a member at a vodka bar), then you will be one of the lucky few to step foot inside the vodka vault. The vault is kept between minus 5 and 5 degrees and there are 24 private vodka lockers for members. Wondering where the statue of Lenin’s head went? You can find it here frozen in a block of ice.

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