United States: 312-878-0707

RedNo5 Chicago


Rednofive, the upscale nightclub with bedroom eyes, offers a unique mix between an outrageous level of energy and a loungey atmosphere. Safehouse to countless stars of screen, sound and sports worlds, redno is centrally located in Chicago’s popular river west area. As redno promises to overload your visual, auditory and sensory needs — bring us your hungry eyes, discerning ears and thirst for something different…but leave your fears, attitude and inhibitions at home because you won’t need them here. Redno marks the first time that a Chicago nightclub has successfully catered to the up-scale “VIP” and industry “urban chic” crowds simultaneously. The meticulous attention to detail permeates throughout the entire club experience, and is constantly being adjusted and culminates in an off-the-chart “vibe factor”. The open floorplan, live percussion accompaniment, hopelessly diverse crowd, personal disposition, music selection and a little black magic all manifest in redno’s soul. Come in and experience a night that reflects, collectively, many decades in the making.

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