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Region Ultra Lounge San Francisco

You can tell much about a restaurant from its signature dish. Region’s specialty is even more revealing as it is a true lost art: the traditional Beijing Duck. Prepared since China’s Imperial era and renowned for its crispy skin and mouthwateringly thin cuts of meat, Beijing Duck is properly served hand-carved at the table. Our chefs season and roast fresh duck daily, sourced vigilantly from a small Petaluma farm that specializes in this unique breed. We follow tradition and serve it with homemade pancakes and delectable sauces. This attention to the history and flavors of Beijing Duck is not found anywhere else in the Bay Area, and is one of the many ways Region brings the Far East to the West.

Other signature dishes include Vietnamese Cubed Filet Mignon prepared from the finest cuts of prime, grass-fed Piedmontese cattle, lamb shank stew, charbroiled pork loin with lemongrass glaze, Atlantic salmon in Malaysian Baba curry, Thai tea smoked quails, baby octopus salad, Tiger prawns with bacon and crab sauce just to name a few. No one can read Region’s menu without embarking on a mouthwateringly new experience.

We also feature live seafood. Taste the difference in freshness between our live seafood and common frozen seafood.

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