Canada: 604.283.6601


Contact: Mr. Kevin Regis

Organization:Regis Entertainment (Regis ENT)

Position/Role:Promoter, Event Coordinator, Owner

Nature of Business:
Regis Entertainment co-ordinates, markets and promotes special events and nightlife entertainment in the Niagara region. This organization hosts concerts, parties and themed events targeting the young urban market. They have hosted several concerts, including Jadakiss,Lloyd Banks, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, and Baby Cham, as well as many other reggae, R&B, soca, and hip-hop parties. This means they generate revenue on ticket and bar sales.

Mr. Regis has a multifaceted approach to generating sales for his business. He focuses on selling tickets to his events and relies on bar sales for profit, but more importantly Mr. Regis has spent his career building relationships and developing his brand, Regis ENT. He is thoroughly involved in local nightlife in order to stay aware of regional trends, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and local events. On nights when he is not hosting, Mr. Regis is out at other functions distributing flyers, socializing with guests, and finding out what people want. By staying closely involved with this scene, Mr. Regis knows what his guests expect, what they liked or disliked about previous events, and where to focus his prospecting and promotional efforts. He also keeps in contact with guests and the urban market that Regis Entertainment targets by using Facebook and MySpace as a means of feedback, awareness, promotion, and branding. While this can be a risky move for many businesses, it has proved to be very successful with increasing advance ticket sales and continuing to develop the Regis ENT brand.
In order to satisfy existing customers, Mr. Regis has a V.I.P guestlist at his events, allowing regulars to bypass line-ups and making them feel ‘special’. There is a 21+ age requirement for entry, as well as a dress code for Regis ENT events, allowing mature guests to feel a sense of comfort and security. These are all things that add to customer value, and like Mr. Regis says, “it’s all about making your clients feel special.”

Mr. Regis emphasized the importance of knowing one’s competitors and market. This has been key to his success. Although many events have seen success in the area, Regis ENT has done an outstanding job of branding their service within the local urban market. So much so that they are able to bring in big name artists at smaller, more intimate venues to produce higher quality experiences. This comes from knowing the expectations people have of them, and going beyond what their competitors are offering by developing relationships with both private and public sectors.
One of the challenges in the entertainment industry is maintaining brand image. Often times there are isolated incidents that have a lasting effect on the brand image- either negative or positive. This can be dangerous because word of mouth is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Also, it is often common for a venue to earn a bad reputation due to violent acts that may have taken place previously or nearby; even if it was a one-time occurrence or a simple misunderstanding. Mr. Regis insists that his ability to interact and relate with his guests on a personal level is what makes his company in particular so successful. His confidence and experimental style keep Regis ENT one step ahead of the game, always looking for new and creative ways to reach people.

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