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Remote Lounge New York

Bring out the voyeur within you!

Controlled Entropy Ventures informs guests with a sign upon entry that they waive the right to privacy upon entering..& they’re not kidding

This thought can be discomforting for some and titillating for others.

Remote Lounge is outfitted with dozens of tiny cameras placed strategically throughout the space. Each seating area has a console with a monitor and joystick-like controls that enable drinkers to observe the action from the vantage point of any camera in the place.

See a hottie you like? Send her a cocktail without getting up from your station. It’s gimmicky as all hell, but captivating!

Think of it as the pick-up technique of the new millennium.

Remote is a revolutionary new concept in nightlife entertainment. Located in downtown Manhattan, it is a technology-themed cocktail lounge and new media art space unlike anything else in the world. The lounge is outfitted with over 60 video cameras – covering every square foot of the space from multiple angles – and this live video is displayed on over 100 output devices, such as CRTs, LCDs, large format plasma screens and video projectors. Into this mix of live feeds are an everchanging roster of digital and analog video artworks, animation, special effects, web-based art and interactive multimedia created by both emerging and established new media artists.

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