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Republic New York

Think Noodles: Fresh, Fast and Affordable. Our innovative and stylish noodle emporium seats 150 in a crisp graphic space. Come enjoy a bowl of noodles or call for delivery!

Noodles are healthy, nutritious and inexpensive. For $6.00 – $9.00 you can enjoy a bowl of noodles which includes a healthy broth, starch, fresh vegetables, and a variety of meats and fish, depending upon the dish you select. For that price you can have a complete meal with freshly squeezed juice, smart appetizers, and a full service bar!

The Republic menu is unmistakably Asian, but with a twist. Not emphasizing on any specific country, the cuisine combines various ingredients, spices, and cooking methods from Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Japan. Our chief has created a unique menu that cannot be copied, as it is non-traditional. The secret lies in the unique sauces created for each individual dish on the menu.

The decor is minimalistic, with a stretching bar and counter and a communal seating arrangement in a strikingly smart and modern space. Service is provided by a chic, urban, hip staff. The focus is on providing great food, fast service, and fun, at reasonable prices.

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