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Located in the heart of the Toronto Entertainment district (inside Festival Hall / Paramount theater) is Toronto’s most technologically advanced Nightclub.

PROFILE The main room is furnished with six hydraulic trusses outfitted with intelligent lights, rotating plasma screens and LED lights, plus 20-watt full-colour lasers and 200,000 watts of sound. The indoor fireworks shoot up to the 28-feet ceilings and strobe lights make the atmosphere feel even more electric. The smaller Vision room also has an indoor waterfall system and the bars are stocked with rare and fine spirits. Bathrooms are custom-designed in a style that lives up to the surroundings. The televisions include a broadcast of feeds from inside the club, ensuring that nobody misses a beat when they want to keep tabs on where the action is.

The technologically advanced atmosphere has made Republik not only a place to see and be seen on the dance floor, or mingling with friends old and new, but also to stand in awe of the surroundings. And any club designed with the latest innovations in sight needs to make sure the music is similarly future-driven – top local DJs spin on nights dedicated to R&B, hip-hop and reggae, new rock and alternative and harder grooves that test the limits of the state-of-the-art sound system. Republik is also home to the district’s largest dedicated smoking room.

Located next door to the Paramount movie theatre, Republik instantly became one of the defining venues in the Entertainment District when it opened its doors in 2005. The area, just south of the intersection of Queen and John, comes to life on weekend evenings with young people flocking from far and wide to soak up the vibes. Walking through the front doors of Republik, patrons are transformed into a whole different world where the party can stimulate all five of the senses.



…The main room is the largest, followed by the Vision Room and then a very large DSR (Designated Smoking Room) that can be integrated with a VIP area. The club is a labour of puppy love by Bennett C. Lo, of design firm Dialogue 38, whose work shuttles between stylish low-rent romanticism (Indochine) and fun, childlike exuberance (Spring Rolls). Known for illuminating walls, Lo wanted to create an experience that comes alive and follows you throughout the club. “We have a very strong language of what we do, says Lo. “It is simple design with advanced-technology.”

The club design is primarily concerned with lighting. It’s a glistening world of computer controlled lighting, LED backlit, multi-colour, light screens and colour changing fiber optic curtain walls fuel the space. A monstrous water fall is backlit by hydraulically, while a 40-foot stage for live concerts occupies draws 60 moving intelli-lights. Twelve rotating plasma screens are mounted throughout the main space. Even the washrooms are designed to continue your club experience. The men’s urinals have LCD TV’s broadcasting live projections and video feeds from the dance floor.

In the future, clubs won’t look anything like that dodge-bar in Star Wars. In fact, they’ll look something like Republik: lasers, visuals, and seeing spots. Not to bore you with a designer’s lighting infatuation, but Republik has one of the most powerful laser lighting and video projection systems used in any club in Canada. Licking your ears and stroking your eyes, Republik provides a club-kid sensual feast…


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Play Fridays (12/5/2008) @ Republik Nightclub
Republik Nightclub, Toronto
Play Fridays (11/28/2008) @ Republik Nightclub
Republik Nightclub, Toronto