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Republiq Republiq is the result of nearly 8 years of planning and research. It is a chic modern 8000 sq ft event venue, an industrial meets modern event space with towering 40 foot ceilings , an amazing light and sound system, a 15 ft waterfall, a vip mezzanine, hanging bubble chairs and raised lounge area. This is the perfect venue for bands, comedy shows, weddings, corporate events and club events. Our goal at Republiq is to provide an extravagant, professionally run, and most importantly safe venue. The venue owners have produced more than 1,000 events at more than 50 venues in the greater Seattle area. This experience has given us the unique opportunity to work under every type of condition imaginable. Whether you plan on working directly with Republiq to produce your event, or, you just plan on attending, you can rest assured that we have your safety and overall experience in mind. Get ready to enjoy your night!