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Rockhouse Bar and Nightclub Las Vegas

Touting sex, shots and rock ‘n’ roll, there really is no legal vice unturned in the Rockhouse Bar and Nightclub. Located in front of the Imperial Palace at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Rockhouse offers both locals and tourists a place to party without going broke. Between its daiquiri bar and high-end bottle service, the bar satisfies the thirst of almost every visitor. State-of-the-art audio/video and lighting systems allow the bar to broadcast major sporting events during the day and then transform into a fully-functional nightclub starting at 9 p.m. “There is nothing else like the Rockhouse on the Strip,” said managing partner Jonathan Fine. “This place is about as far out of control as you can get within the law. Pure fun.” With a mechanical bull, a plethora of sexy cocktail waitresses and go-go dancers performing in a giant birdcage that hangs in the middle of the dance floor, there’s no doubt that the party will be rocking every night at the Rockhouse. — Staff Report

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