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Rockstar Lounge Denver

For centuries mankind has glamorized a lifestyle of rebellious revelry and wild abandonment. Glorifying a spirit of living in the moment and elevated status that has been represented in generations of the worlds elite. This way of life has been defined many times over, each time unique to that period in history, and now it is called being a Rockstar!
Embodying this rambunctious nature is Rockstar Lounge, a chic haven for Denvers hipsters that crave something more representative of their wild and stylish culture. From the polished driftwood floors to the modern lounge furniture and zebra print dcor, Rockstar Lounge is designed to capture the essence of living like a rockstar. With emphasis on providing an atmosphere of unbridled fun and wild abandonment, multiple two stories, floor to ceiling stripper poles and a full absinthe bar give our guests a truly unique way to party the night away.
As a live music venue we are like no other. The grand open space provides excellent acoustic qualities, our stage is perfectly positioned to allow our guests access to the bar or the dance floor, all the while keeping their attention on the show before them. Rockstar Lounge combines the concert hall concept with true nightclub lounge seating capability. Only here can you sit with your friends and enjoy a VIP bottle service experience while watching the very best local and national music acts rock out before you, with the citys most talented djs intermixed to allow you to dance the night away. No longer must you choose between partying at a club or going and seeing an amazing live music performance. At Rockstar Lounge we offer you the very best of both worlds.