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Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar Vancouver

Everyday funk is what going Rogue is all about. Crazy tall light fixtures and walls that glow set against sand-blasted brick and well-worn hardwood floors. And thats just the interior.

Menu-wise, going Rogue means doing things in the kitchen others said couldnt be done. Like completely fresh burgers served slightly pink to make it the juiciest and best tasting in town. Or corn-dogs your not supposed to want but secretly crave.

Going Rogue means your horizons are greater than the usual suspects of chain restaurants. Rogue gives its customer an eclectic offering of food and surroundings, that they can feel and be themselves. You can go Rogue when youre slumming, you can go Rogue when you need to impress. You can go Rogue with a date, your mates or with your boss.

Best of all, you can afford to go Rogue every day of the week. Have a special silver-wedding anniversary to celebrate? Go somewhere else. Need a stiff drink and tasty meal to get you through your daily grind and have enough left over to do it all again tomorrow? Go Rogue.

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