RoHan Lounge


Awash in red and gold, the interior's simple lines and streamlined look whisper decadence. A velvet couch slinks along a bamboo-covered wall, and a luminous red bar, Asian accents and hushed lighting contribute to Rohan's quietly sophisticated atmosphere. So what is soju? Think vodka without the bite. Distilled from rice, barley and sweet potato, soju has a light, crisp taste. Served straight up or in one of the bar's tasty concoctions, it packs a punch but goes down smoothly. The menu features a generous array of Pan-Asian tapas, perfectly prepared and artfully presented. Expect traditional Korean dishes, like a variety of kim chees (pickled vegetables) & Galbi, alongside more eclectic finds like scallion pancakes with hoison dipping sauce. Menu choices are served up at more-than-reasonable prices - cocktails average six bucks, and plates range from $3 - $15.

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