Rollplay Lounge

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Rollplay Erotic Couples Lounge ROLLPLAY LOUNGE is an upscale erotic couples lounge, and is for those who enjoy a seductive twist in their lives...those desiring to share more than a conversation. Rollplay is where you can unleash your passion...and let your imagination run wild. Rollplay offers guests discreet access to an erotic nightclub. Subtly located in A/C's cleaner, safer, southern end of town, RPL is discreetly located at 3426 Atlantic Ave, between Boston and Providence, next to the PNC Bank and the Hilton Hotel. Rollplay does not display a big sign on the building. They only display R P Lounge, as a means to offer its members the utmost in privacy. Guests must be at least 21 to enter and MUST MUST present a valid photo ID. RP is a private club and you can obtain membership at the door. RP is the hottest Adult nightclub in Atlantic City, with a guest list of attractive, fashionable, sexually confident, couples and single ladies. The beautiful staff of Rollplay Girls are all entertainers and experienced in making everyone part of the fun. The barmaids offer sexy pole dancing lessons and are always eager to get the party started. RP is BYOB and will safely store your bottle behind the bar. They have all the mixers to prepare your favorite drinks just the way you like it. They also serve light snacks for your munchies. $100 per couple including membership. Single ladies get in free till midnight. $25 after 12pm There is never un-escorted men at Rollplay. Dress code is sexy and stylish. Dress to impress.