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Rosemeade Dining Room Victoria


Nearly a century has passed since Samuel McClure first drew up the plans for what was then to be called the Rosemeade Manor, now the English Inn and Resort. Located in Victoria’s Saxe point community (just minutes from downtown), the Rosemeade Dining Room offers exceptional cuisine in exquisite surroundings.

The restaurant boasts the talents of Chef Richard Luttman. Richard joined our team a year ago, from the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, in order to create the foundation and philosophy for the kitchen team. Understanding that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the Rosemeade, he has developed an extraordinary repertoire of talent and product. His signature style is in sourcing the best local and seasonal ingredients to create innovative dishes and modern interpretations of traditional combinations. Choose from an extensive menu encompassing simple, refined plates, ingenious main dishes, and tantalizing desserts to round off your evening.

Our million dollar show kitchen at the English Inn and Resort is one of a kind in British Columbia and features a chef’s table available to reserve for special occasions or an important client.

The Inn now combines a fusion of old world charm and traditional with the style of contemporary design. The Italian furnishings that embrace the diners are sumptuous and elicit a sense of timelessness; being both forward and classic in line and comfort. The incredible eight foot long, cantilevered polished stainless steel fireplace seems to effortlessly suspend off the warm floor to ceiling ‘ wenge’ wood wall that is banked with carved, sculptural installations that are awash of chocolate colored rivulets, reminiscent of a receding tide on a sandy beach.

The Rosemeade Dining Room at The English Inn and Resort proves to be a culinary and aesthetic feast that will engage all the senses. You are invited to relax and absorb the experience, allow our friendly, professional service staff to indulge your every need. Wrap this together with reasonable pricing and you truly do have a recipe for a memorable moment Samuel McClure himself would delight in, the most extraordinary exploration of style and commitment to excellence.

It is now time to Experience the Rosemeade!