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Rosemont Ballroom Chicago

You walk into something special when you walk into our Donald E. Stephens Conference Center and Ballroom. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for hardworking meetings and enjoyable socializing. Reserve up to 50 attractive, fully functional conference rooms. We work with you to arrange any special room specifications. Book your VIP party or celebration here and you won’t be disappointed. With all the VIP amenities to host any kind of party, you can be creative and bring live entertainment, DJs, Live Music, host incredible banquets with amazing food and luxury service. Encourage your guests to have fun and dance as there is ample space to accomodate just about any amount of party people! Don’t miss it!

Banquet Facilities

Rosemont Catering provides service for as many as 3,000
Breakfast, coffee break service, luncheon buffets and banquets carefully prepared
Excellent cuisine in elegant surroundings

Meeting Space

92,000 square feet
50 meeting rooms

Electrical Service

Light dimmer capabilities in all meeting areas
Separate sound system in each meeting area
110, 208, and 480 volt service available

High-speed, DS3 fiber optic Internet access.

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