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Welcome to the Royal Ontario Museums website. I hope you find it to be a useful resource, and welcome your comments on its design and features.

The Royal Ontario Museum is among the worlds leading museums of natural history, and of world cultures. Indeed, in combining a universal museum of cultures with that of natural history, the ROM offers an unusual breadth of experience to visitors and scholars from around the world. We realize more acutely now that nature and humanity are intertwined, and the ROM offers many examples in its collections and programs of these fundamental relationships.

It is the ROMs mission to engage the public in exploration of cultural change and to serve as an advocate for science in the study of nature. Our collections and research serve as the basis for programs ranging from formal student education courses to public debates, lectures, symposia, films, tours, publications, travel and family activities. The museum aims to host and produce programs of intellectual depth and social relevance on both sides of its mandate, including unique ROM exhibitions and works of a collaborative nature. Through the ROMs Institute for Contemporary Culture, the museum also explores current issues through works of art and programs in many media.

The ROM is near completion of a major capital project (Renaissance ROM) that will see the building of 27 new galleries, the liberation of many stranded collections, the addition of valuable public amenities, and the creation of dramatic new architecture in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, designed by Daniel Libeskind. This is among the largest capital projects in the history of Canadian cultural institutions, and brings the assets of the museum fully to the public again even as the ROM prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2014.

On this website, you have access to thousands of photographs and summaries from the ROMs collections, results of its research activities around the world, information on current programs and exhibitions, and means to download information, watch podcasts and purchase tickets to the museum and its events. You will also find information about its restaurants, the ROM Museum Store and rental services for ROM facilities after hours.

The Royal Ontario Museum offers a unique platform to the engage the worlds of culture and the environment at the centre of one of North Americas great cities. We look forward to meeting you here, and to sharing the adventures of this place, with all its treasures.

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