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Saffron Indian Bar and Grill Boston

Saffron Grill

Saffron Grill gets its name from an Indian spice known for its healthy and healing traits. Our experienced chefs prepare some of the most authentic Indian dishes at Saffron Grill. Chicken Vindaloo, Saffron Chicken, Vegetable Korma, Barah Kebab, Dal Amritsari are some of our most popular dishes at Saffron. Kachumbar chat/salad is another original prepared by our chefs.

History: Established in 2012

Saffron is started by metrowest food veterans in 2012.Our chefs have 30+ years of cooking Indian dishes . Some of them come from the foodie town of Punjab in India , known for the best Indian food.
We started Saffron Grill inspired by bringing the flavors and healing powers of Saffron to our food and giving our customer an exclusive taste of truly original Indian dishes

Meet the Business Owner: Gurdip Singh M.

Dear customers i have started Saffron Grill to bring some of my best Indian dishes to you . Having run several Indian kitchens and restaurants in the past 30 years, Saffron is a culmination of food legacy. My staff and chefs come from a strong background in restaurants and Indian food.

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