United States: 323.604.6030

saki Washington DC

sa·ki….pronounced sa’ke,  commonly known as a Japanese Liqour, headlines this dining and music venue.  Drink in the Saki experience described by Zagat as an:

 … ultra-sleek Asian grill and lounge brings the technology, space-age decor and relaxed seating found in Europe’s trendiest clubs to the 18th Street strip in Adams Morgan; its menu of small-plate selections, sushi and sashimi is as cutting-edge as the kinetic lighting (panels on the wall and atop a bar are constantly changing color) and the nightly DJ music ranging from acid rock to future funk, broken beat and hip-hop

Take a Journey filled with bright, pattern and kinetic energy… pulsing, traveling, sliding across the bands of light panels that surround the dining and bar areas are the colors of the room…

Take your place among the milieu of revelers and bodies in motion, find your spot and take in the splendor and vibrancy of the music. Let the visual images that strobe in and out of your mind.